Ronnie Shack’s love of cooking and eating good food began when he was a small child watching his mother fry chicken, cook up collard greens, and bake cornbread. The kitchen smelled so good, and Mamma would let her young son stir the cornbread or turn the chicken. Daddy had gone away, so Mamma took his place, nurturing her four children, teaching them about Jesus, taking them to church and praying for them every day.

But when Ronnie grew older, he drifted away from his mother’s kitchen and stopped attending church. After years of living a confined life, Ronnie slowly returned to his childhood faith, repenting of his sins and receiving God’s forgiveness. With his renewed relationship with the Lord, he began to encourage other’s in the faith.

The prodigal son returned and he and his mother became a cooking team once again. Ronnie would make the barbecue, sweet potatoes, and coleslaw from old family recipes, while his Mom would make scrumptious Red Velvet cakes and other delectable desserts.

Ronnie is currently serving as a deacon in his church, and he often teaches very inspiring messages to large groups of young people. His most inspiring message, “Prison is a terrible place” is one to motivate and inspire others letting them know it doesn’t have to be the end of the world for you if you turn your will over to God. Don’t follow the crowd. God has a better plan
for your life.”


With only about $200, Ronnie was able to start his catering business. He was also working in his local church and living a good respectable life. After many life trials and tribulations, Ronnie’s restaurant entrepreneurial business called The Rib Shack begin in 2006. Because of his rapid growth in business, he had outgrown his original location, and was blessed to receive and move to a bigger and better location on 18th Avenue South. Since then, the Rib Shack has been one of the most prominent businesses in Meridian, Mississippi. Ronnie’s successful restaurant and catering business are a result of his mother’s persistent prayers for her once prodigal son.